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Hello! I am Megan Kuiper.

Not so long ago I was right where you are now. 


Running on fumes trying to achieve all the highest credentials in my corporate job and yo-yo-ing in everything else in my life–Mom-ing, wife-ing, and self care-ing.

My tipping point came in 2015 when I decided enough was enough and it was time to take my control back.

I changed my story and left my corporate role after 21+ years to pursue running this business and living life to its fullest.

I quickly learned that the improvements I was able to make for myself shouldn’t be kept a secret. You deserve this kind of life, too!

I’m here to show you how to define your own success, create impactful morning routines, and give you permission to thrive by creating habits and setting boundaries that create joy, growth, and fulfillment in your days.

I’m here to mentor you in life and business and help you remember that everyday is a gift. Your goals are both important and possible.

It’s time to take control of your present, your future, and create a lifestyle that serves you and your goals for years to come!

Sign up for my free 5-day mini-series,

5 Days to SHINE