I now have 3 options for you to work with me in my Time to Shine Course! HERE is what's included. I am looking forward to spending some time with you, helping you identify the area of your life that you want to focus on and make it SHINE!

Information about Time to Shine Coaching 

NEW: Self-Paced Workshop

Whether you're someone who can't make the small group or 1:1 sessions live or you're a driven, self-motivated human who wants all the information, tools, strategies, and results as fast as possible, or someone who wants access to change your life at your fingertips, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Time to Shine: Group Coaching

Meet me in a room full of go-getters and game-changers like yourself, as I coach you to reach new heights. I help you narrow your focus and establish habits that propel you. Look forward to setting big goals and tapping into the brilliance already within you. We leave each session totally fired up, ready to take action, with the tools needed to create results.

Time to Shine: 1:1 Coaching

For 8 weeks, we meet weekly, one-on-one, to drill more deeply into your personal development. Together we do the important and hard work of uncovering your specific wants, dreams, and goals, and tailoring a plan to bring them to life.